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It seems that the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association will not reprise the ill-fated CBE. As Marcia Nelson reports in Publishers Weekly, the ECPA is “pulling the plug” on the CBE, and hoping to clean up the quarter-million dollar debt they […]

In Phyllis Tickle’s latest book, The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why, she writes of the “centering” of Christianity. In her famous quadrilateral diagram, she demonstrates how liturgicals, social justicers, pente-charistmatics, and doctrinal evangelicals are all swirling toward […]

Yesterday, Pew released a follow-up to their much ballyhooed religion survey that showed a 10 percent rise in a decade in the number of Americans that, when asked their religious affiliation, declared, “None.” The original press reports declared, and the […]

In the past, I’ve used this space to challenge advocates of Reformed theology to stand up to other advocates of Reformed theology. More specifically, my worry is that all of the press is going toward a particular version of “Reformed” […]

Adam has convened a great conversation at Pomomusings called Plurality 2.0. My friend, Phillip Clayton posted last week.  Money quote: I’m guessing that most readers of this post in fact already live in Pluralism 2.0. If you’re one of those […]

Well, not exactly. Tad DeLay, a fan of things emergent, was a music pastor at an evangelical church plant. But he was fired for the direction his theology was taking.  He performed this song, indicative of his theological musings, a […]

A couple weeks ago, I hypothesized that Rod’s disdain for SSM has something to do with his conversion to Orthodoxy — actually, to the kind of personality that would convert to Orthodoxy. In response to that post, I was contacted […]

Last week, Doug Kmiec went on Colbert and became the next in a long line of people: Those who’ve gone on Colbert and said what I want to say on Colbert. Kmiec said what more and more of us are […]

From John La Grou: Volume Two of the Wikiklesia Project has been announced. Taking Flight: Reclaiming the Female Half of God’s Image. A Journey of Freedom and Reconciliation The award winning Wikiklesia Project ( broke new ground as a crowd sourced, collaborative […]

D.Min. Students Take Note: Both of the events listed below are being offered for credit at Fuller Theological Seminary. Fuller is offering 4 credits for each event, and Tony Jones will be the professor of record. The course will consist […]