Through the Lens of Faith

Another month is nearing its conclusion! It’s hard to believe how fast the months fly by anymore.  But with a new month can come new promises and new expressions faith. The door to a new month will open soon. What ...Read More

It can be easier sometimes to stay closed off to others and even to ourselves. Things we haven’t processed yet or are frustrated by can keep us locked inside. When we are closed off, sometimes it is for a good ...Read More

When our prayer life feels stale, getting a change of scenery can do wonders. Seeing something new can spark new memories or prayers of gratitude. Spend one day this week praying in a different location. If you usually pray in ...Read More

We are running the race of life and the race of faith. It is mostly a slow race. Sometimes it feels as if we are only plodding along. Just as it is important to keep our energy up during a ...Read More