Through the Lens of Faith

Another month is nearing its conclusion! It’s hard to believe how fast the months fly by anymore. IMG_0107

But with a new month can come new promises and new expressions faith.

The door to a new month will open soon. What are your hopes for the coming month in your prayer life? What opportunities are you praying for?

I love seeing old doors, like the one in the photo. Who has passed through these doors? What friends and family saw each other on the other side of this door? What memories were made?

The next door you pass through, take a minute to pray for the others who will walk through the door. It may bring us one step closer to each other.

IMG_0656It can be easier sometimes to stay closed off to others and even to ourselves. Things we haven’t processed yet or are frustrated by can keep us locked inside.

When we are closed off, sometimes it is for a good reason. We may need to be protective of ourselves during a difficult situation.

But we cannot forget we are meant to bloom. It may seem like it’s taking a lot of time, but things grow in the way they are meant to grow.

You will grow even more when you open yourself to your story.

When our prayer life feels stale, getting a change of scenery can do wonders. Seeing something new can IMG_7205spark new memories or prayers of gratitude.

Spend one day this week praying in a different location. If you usually pray in your bedroom, sit in the quiet living room. Look around and see what is surrounding you. Take each of those items and lift them up to God. Thank God for the memories made in that room and the people who come in and out of the room.

If you are ambitious try a new location each day or a few days this week. It may give you even more to pray with.

IMG_3287We are running the race of life and the race of faith. It is mostly a slow race. Sometimes it feels as if we are only plodding along.

Just as it is important to keep our energy up during a run, we need to keep our energy up for our spiritual run. Prayer and scriptural reading are suggestions. If you know of any reflection or meditation books, they can feed us and give us what we need to keep going.

Are you the tortoise or the hare in the great race? Do you know your speed and how to re energize? Share in the comments.