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A very good argument for supporting the BornHIVFree campaign: An even better argument: Please pass it on.

Tomorrow, I leave for Africa, to see this project in action. While I’m gone, please consider signing the petition to support it. And then tell all your friends. And tell them to tell all their friends. If you all sign …Read More

I’m guessing that whoever put this sign together wasn’t thinking literally about ears, but still: at 7:45 in the morning the question ‘who has ears’, posed theologically, just gives one a bit of an existential headache. (Who does have ears? …Read More

You’ve heard, no doubt, about that insane pastor in Florida who’s been wanting to burn the Qu’ran to protest the so-called “mosque at Ground Zero” project. You can’t not have heard about him, and what wants to do. He’s been …Read More

(Seriously. Well, not totally seriously. Not actually fishing. Maybe frog catching. But not fishing. By fishing I mean, on vacation. Which is kinda weird, right? Why is fishing associated with holidays? Fishing involves worms. Ugh.)