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(Follow-up to reflections on Jon & Kate postponed for a day or two) George Tiller, a doctor who performed late-term abortions, was shot to death at 10 a.m. today, at his church outside Wichita, Kansas. For some, like Operation Rescue …Read More

So, yeah: Jon and Kate Gosselin. They’ve, like, got this TV show, right? About their life raising eleventeen kids? Wait – eight, is it? Whatever. I’ve never watched the show. Which, I suppose, means that I shouldn’t really comment on …Read More

I’ve always loved old clothes. Old things in general, really. When I was very small, and for a very long time after, when I was no longer quite so small, I would spend hours in an attic room in my …Read More

Last week, I wrote about prayer. I wrote about how prayer – a certain kind of prayer – centered me and calmed me during pregnancy. Mostly. I also wrote about how, in certain desperate moments, I resorted to petitionary prayer, …Read More

Jasper highly recommends dining al fresco. In a bathing suit. With the good silverware. Any tasty foodstuff will do, but he prefers dirt. Planting soil is ideal, but any dirt will do. (The dirt is lovely this time of year, …Read More

It’s my birthday. It’s kind of a weird day for me, now, because it follows so closely upon the heels of my son’s birthday. Also, I’m old, and birthdays are a heck of a lot less fun when you’re old. …Read More

It’s been years since I’ve attended church regularly – it has, in all honesty, been years since I’ve set foot in a church at all – but I still pray. Not every day, but a lot of days. Usually when …Read More

I have a little girl. I adore my little girl. There are about a trillion things that I could say about how wonderful it is being mother to my girl. But today is the birthday – the first birthday – …Read More

We first faced this dilemma last year, when we were considering moving Emilia into a more formal preschool, and I wrote about my anxiety over the decision then. We decided against it for the time being, but then the school …Read More

He fought the spaghetti, and the spaghetti won. (This post was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post. But Wordless Wednesday is, by definition, supposed to feature blog entries without words. And I have trouble following instructions, so. Why don’t …Read More