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In the most spiritual communities there is much discussion about intention and creation. Everything from positive affirmations to healing subconscious belief patterns and visualization push us toward the idea that we can release that which we do not want to invite in that which we desire. Many new age teachers encourage various techniques to assist people with manifestation in this regard. Today I would like to discuss a higher level of creation.

The human has free will. We exist in a reality where we get to choose what we experience. This means that even if a seemingly unrelated event occurs in your life and causes you discontent, you still get to make the choice how you will respond to it. Our responses to life determine the level of consciousness to which we are able to expand to. This means that you have the opportunity to completely master your life. You can choose to express love, forgiveness, gratitude, humility and grace among many other virtuous expressions. When we choose to act with a reactive mind that is dictated by the desires of the inner child and ego, we run the risk of creating blockages in our self and in our lives. The inner child is another word for your pain body. The pain body is related to the ego in so that the ego’s intention is to create and to protect, while the pain body is a deeply embedded fear related to past traumas. Both operate on the consciousness of fear, or rather the opposite of love which is the force which moves all of creation. Without love you cannot manifest a structure or experience with a high vibrational imprint.

As we walk into the age of self-mastery, humans have now stretched their awareness at an exponential rate. In the age of the internet, telecommunications and technology as a whole, we are operating with a higher intelligence than ever before. Information is free, in the sense that it is unlimited. If information is unlimited, the human mind begins to stretch its capacity, experimenting with various depths and desires from the inner world. As we slowly shift to seeing our own true and unlimited nature we realize that we are a creator. We begin to use the ego to create new experiences like relationships, jobs, projects and opportunities. The ego in this sense is not bad. It is just a source of power–that’s it. The important thing to notice here is that the ego is of service to a higher power. We cannot upgrade our consciousness to self-mastery if we do not relinquish our will to the will of God.

To understand the will of God, you must understand two things: non-resistance and trust. With non-resistance we become completely reduced to non-action. We are no longer out to justify, to protect, to validate, to improve or adjust. We completely stop all activity and begin to allow life to move through us in non-attachment. This can be done by the humans that choose to fully embody awareness. Awareness is intimately tied to two concepts, the first being love and the second being oneness. With full awareness you accept that the universe is moving towards the fullest expression of love in all ways and that this love is the driving force behind everything that you experience. At this point it is very easy to comprehend trust. The universe is its own intelligent mechanism, that not only sustains all of life on earth but its own immortality. And you are its creation. To vacate your own desire and embody the desire of God, is to follow a path of an inner reality. You absolutely cannot sense the will of God, without first becoming a non-resistant force in your own life.

Once you have mastered and embodied a consciousness of non resistance, you are ready to begin feeling within your own rich inner landscape. In this feeling space, you begin to detect strong urges and inexplicable desires. You begin to observe life coming and going. You notice that it is more difficult to attempt creation than to allow creation to just happen. To hear our own inner voice, is to hear the spirit calling us forth into the embodiment of its very self. The closer we come to knowing who we are, the deeper we are able to commune with God and our own divine nature as spiritual beings and most importantly creatures of infinite creative potential.

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