Life is all about minimizing the number of times you take the easy way out.

We have all done it and it is never ever gratifying. Even when something works out in our favor but we know we took the easy way out, there is something inside of us that feels lacking. I truly believe we were put on this earth to experience great things–and great things cannot fully come to fruition if you are constantly taking the easy way out.

Just as iron must be cast into extreme hot and then extreme cold temperatures to be made into a precious metal, so too do you need to experience all the aspects of the process, the fight you are in. Slacking in areas you know need attention, sleeping in when you know you should be up and productive, waiting until the last minute when you know you shouldn’t, and skipping out on reps at the gym.

Taking the easy way out may or may not result in success, but it will ALWAYS end in a small amount of self-loathing, and when a person’s self-worth is tied to their “try” it’s dangerous to not give your all. After all, there aren’t a large amount of things you can control in this life, but you can always control your effort to your craft.

To Your Success,
Michael Chandler

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