Don't compare your current abilities to the limitations of your past. Nobody can put limits on you but you!

We have all heard a “comeback” story about someone and been happy for them and not surprised that they came back from adversity.  Why is it that we are so hard on ourselves sometimes and our memory of our shortcomings is so vivid?

I challenge you today to acknowledge the events in your life that you are not proud of.  Acknowledge where you fall short as a person.  Acknowledge what you wish you could have done differently in the past…and then vow to believe that you are a new person.

You aren’t stuck being the same man or woman as you were yesterday and yesteryear. You can change.  You can grow and you can grow dramatically!  Stop putting limits on your tomorrows because of the shortcomings in your yesterdays.  If you will choose to dream and believe great things about yourself, your life will slowly start shifting in that direction.  Your best days and blessed days are out ahead of you.

But the power of tomorrow’s blessings can’t be fully taken advantage of if you don’t start with looking at the person in the mirror, loving that person, and believing great things for that person.

Everything you need is already inside of you and is waiting to be wielded.

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