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We all have the power to change our mindset. All of the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that run through our mind can be transformed into empowering believes and positive thoughts that serve. When was the last time you took a few moments to reflect on how your way of thinking is impacting your life?

Every decision we make is based on our personal set of values and beliefs. When we hesitate, worrying about what others will think and doubting our choice, we release feelings of insecurity into the universe. While life can be filled with stresses and negative influences, life is also a joy, filled with delightful surprises. Any given situation can become a positive experience if you have a healthy mindset. How can this be accomplished?

A useful tool that empowers you to make conscious positive decisions is positive affirmations. You have the power over the choices you make and now is the moment to infuse those choices with positive energy. Our lives are a manifestation of what we think and what we believe. When you embrace the positive your life will change. You will feel better about yourself and you will be able to embrace everything that you want to achieve. Positive affirmations empower you to envision what your life should be like. You have the power to choose your life’s path; using positive affirmations will begin this journey.

To create positive affirmations, start with writing down three beliefs that you have about yourself. Are these thoughts positive or negative? If your words invoke negativity, rewrite the statement with a positive twist. If your words invoke positive energy, leave them as is, without changing them. If you need assistance writing three positive statements about yourself, use the following examples as prompts.

  • My life is filled with fun and friendship
  • I accept compliments and praise
  • I choose to open my heart to the wonderful things the universe wants me to receive
  • I receive greatness and am worthy of an abundant life

Take a few minutes of every morning to repeat your positive affirmations in the mirror out loud. You can even write down these affirmations and keep them with you. They can be a constant reminder, throughout the day, reminding you that you are worthy of amazing things.

The use of positive affirmations will change your mindset. As you move out of the negative and into the positive you are opening up to receive the wonderful things the universe wants to manifest in your life. As you repeat your positive affirmations, you will begin to believe the words. You will face outside stress with newfound confidence, knowing you will make conscious decisions that will serve you well. You are worthy of living an abundant and fulfilling life. Make today the beginning of your new life.





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