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The consequence for her behavior against a rehab worker this past December yields no formal charges. Addiction seems to be the “buzz” word lately, with headlines, twitter, facebook and blogs all writing about the “trending” condition. This attention can be […]

“Yesterday I called my Internet provider with a billing question and got a vivacious female robot who told me how glad she was to help me. Could we begin with my touch-toning my phone number? I hit O for operator, […]

The term “bath salts” no longer refers to a nice long soak after a long day. The term refers to a designer drug, which is legal that is creeping onto the radar of substances that are being used abused and […]

A news report recently spoke of an increase in the number of adolescents huffing. Huffing is not a new addiction but it hasn’t been in the spotlight as often as other addictions, such as prescription drugs and alcohol. Huffing refers […]

As I complete my filming on  Celebrity Rehab 5 on VHI, I notice the cast come together in touching ways, and yet at times tear each other apart with surprising ferocity. They seem to push each other away at the […]

An entire week is devoted to the awareness of gambling addiction. Becoming aware of the gravity of addiction to gambling can help bring awareness to a disease that affects a high percentage of people causing dire consequences. Some of the […]

  It’s a funny thing we do to ourselves when we become convinced that, by and large, our lives should flow rather seamlessly. We should be happy the majority of the time and things should generally work out well for […]

Do you think that a loved one may have an addiction? Does your own behavior make you question if you have a problem? Addictions are not limited to only drugs and alcohol, it is possible to have an addiction to […]

 One in five men and women are addicted to their smart phones. Smart phones have changed the way we communicate and our access to information. It is possible to do almost everything via a smart phone. You can access your […]