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The term “bath salts” no longer refers to a nice long soak after a long day. The term refers to a designer drug, which is legal that is creeping onto the radar of substances that are being used abused and creating addiction. Bath salts refer to a fine, salt-white powder that can be purchased at convenience stores in many states across the country. This powder has similar effects of methamphetamines due to having methodrone and methlynedioxypyrovalerone, commonly known as MDPV, as ingredients. The substance is commonly snorted or injected. The effects of “bath salts” are being seen more frequently in the news.


Most recently “bath salts”, also referred to as “legal meth”, were involved in a horrific case of the death of Rutgers University senior Pamela Schmidt. It is not confirmed that the suspect in the case was taking “bath salts” but it is a strong possibility. This raises the question of why isn’t this substance illegal? If individuals are becoming addicted to “bath salts” and the heavy use of the substance is increasing all over the United States, shouldn’t it be investigated? The answer isn’t quite so simple.


Because the ingredients for “bath salts” aren’t illegal and due to the “newness” of the drug, it is difficult for law enforcement to gauge the potential dangers of abuse. This leaves the responsibility of knowing the warning signs on the general population. The fact that this substance is legal can be problematic for addicts that are using and addicts that are in recovery.


For those that are working a solid plan in recovery, please be aware that even though this substance is legal and can be purchased in local establishments, that does not mean that you can use this substance without consequences. It is similar to alcohol being legal, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it is safe for you to consume. You will not want to jeopardize your sobriety over a “designer drug” that hides behind its legal status. As is the case with any questions you may have about the well-being of your recovery, consult an addiction professional for more information.


Designer drugs, such as “bath salts” should raise a red flag in front of everyone’s face. We have the ability to control what substances we put in our bodies. We always have control over that first choice and it is our responsibility to be wise with our decisions. Be aware of what you are doing to your body and your mind, they are too precious to ignore.


Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Recovery/Life Coach on Celebrity Rehab and in private practice in person or by phone.  Sherry is also the author of “The Law of Sobriety“. Contact Sherry at to learn more about her life coaching packages, teleseminars, workshops, and speaking engagements. or



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