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Everyone that has ever dealt with an addiction will eventually hit a “bottom”. When an addict hits bottom they experience the lowest of the low, arriving at a place they never imagined possible. The actual “bottom” for every addict is […]

Revenge, negativity, hatred, scorn are just a few of the emotions that an individual can be carrying around with them without even being aware of the impact they have on their day to day lives. Every person on the planet […]

 Celebrities tend to spend a large amount of time dealing with press, both positive and negative. The general population loves to see what their favorite celeb’s are wearing and what antics they are up to. The Grammy’s last night was […]

 As a recovering addict have you found that traditional methods regarding recovery not suiting to your individual needs? This is not to say that traditional 12-Step methods are not worthwhile, for that is not the case. You may be the […]

It is well known that crystals can bring powerful energy for healing and transformation to your life.  I have been wearing crystals for many years and what I find is the universe directs me to the stone or crystal I […]

 What is fear? How has fear affected your life? Have you attracted negative energy into your life because of your fears? Are your fears holding you back? Fear is an extremely important element in your individual success. Our fears mold […]

Did you catch the Celebrity Rehab reunion show last week? I know everyone (including me) has been curious to see how well the cast has been doing in their efforts to stay sober. It seemed for the most part they […]

“Where did I go wrong?” “Why didn’t I notice?” “What could I have done?” “It’s my fault!” These are all exclamations that are uttered by family members and loved ones of addicts. The feeling of guilt and anger are completely […]