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Everyone that has ever dealt with an addiction will
eventually hit a “bottom”. When an addict hits bottom they experience the
lowest of the low, arriving at a place they never imagined possible. The actual
“bottom” for every addict is unique and relative. For some it may be maxing out
all of their credit cards, for other’s it may be ending up homeless doing
unimaginable things to support their habit. Regardless of the outside view of
the severity of the addicts “bottom”, it is a painful and often humiliating
situation where the end of their existence seems closer than ever before. If
you are suffering with an addiction, are you able to describe your bottom in
detail? This may be more crucial than you realize.


Reaching the “bottom” of an addiction can be a driving force
for addicts to become clean and maintain a healthy recovery. The Law of Sobriety tells us that
our experiences as addicts are unique. These experiences include the driving
forces to use along with the consequences that landed us at rock bottom. While
our stories are unique, addicts must realize that they are not alone with their
struggle. By being able to express your “bottom” with vivid detail, you can
equip yourself with a valuable tool to aid you on your recovery journey. It is
by knowing what we have done and how those things have placed us in particular
situations where you can truly become empowered.


Never forget your individual circumstances and experiences
that occurred during your using life. These experiences will remind you of a
time and place where you never wish to return. If you simply move on, without
dealing with your “bottom” experience you run a risk of ending up right back
where you started. It is through doing nothing where addicts run the risk of
becoming too comfortable. Within this comfort the disease of addiction will
trick the addict into thinking that they are perfectly fine. When the trickster
starts the game of playing with your mind, the addict runs the highest risk of
relapse. There are many tools that are available to aid you with preventing
relapse and they should be used on a frequent basis.


Combining tools to
prevent relapse
along with never forgetting your “bottom” are tremendous
assets to ensure a successful recovery. If you are a suffering addict that
feels they haven’t reached a “bottom” it may be of use to listen to the stories
of other addicts experiencing theirs. In the end remember that the stories of
hitting bottom are what can keep you sober, regardless if those accounts are
your own or those of another addict.


Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and
Recovery/Life Coach on Celebrity Rehab and in private practice in Agoura,
Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Calabasas.  Contact Sherry at or or to learn
more about her workshops, speaking engagements, coaching packages, and

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