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 I want to go back to a point Dr. Drew made a few weeks ago on Celebrity Rehab when he was talking to Frankie Lons about how to control her anger and live a more responsible life in sobriety. The […]

 This gentleman just can’t seem to get a break from the press, but the question remains, should he? Charlie Sheen has been in the press for decades with his drug and alcohol use. His fondness for women who are in […]

Learn how to eleminate once and for all any addiction you may be struggling with: Food, Shopping Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Sex and Love Addiction, Shopping, or Co-dependency. Join Sherry Gaba, Psychotherapist and Life and Recovery Coaching and Author of “The […]

 Dr. Drew says it best when he states that the members of Celebrity Rehab 4 will have to build upon the foundation they were given in rehab in order to have a successful recovery. After 21 days in treatment the […]

Last week on Celebrity Rehab, you saw me and Dr. Drew and everyone else who has been working with Jason Davis very passionately try to convince him to transfer to an in-patient facility. He refused. In his one-on-one session with […]

I’m worried about Jeremy London. In the group sessions and the one-on-one meetings he’s had with Dr. Drew so far on Celebrity Rehab, he seems to be totally focused on his ex wife: “She drove me to drugs, she ruined […]

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 Addictions aren’t always in the form of drugs and alcohol, they can also manifest in the form of relationships. Toxic relationships are extremely common and not just among drug addicts. An individual can get caught up in the chaos of […]

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