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 I want to go back
to a point Dr. Drew made a few weeks ago on Celebrity
when he was talking to Frankie Lons about how to control her anger
and live a more responsible life in sobriety. The same thing struck me when I
saw Leif Garrett in the final episode of the show, and Jason Davis, too. They
all have immaturity issues–they’re stubborn and rebellious and lash out in ways
that are similar to how a 15-year-old might behave.
That is because they are developmentally the age they were they were when they started using drugs and alcohol.

            Drew told Frankie that her
brain is stuck at the age when she began using. This happens to all
addicts–their social and emotional development stops when they start using
drugs and alcohol. They never grow up.

            This is
part of what makes the period right after rehab so dangerous: You’ve got a
newly sober adult who is going to go out and deal with all the temptations of
life, using the judgment and emotional skills of a teenager.

            How do
you learn how to make decisions like an adult? You hang out with other adults
and watch what they do. You think before you make decisions. You set goals and
plan how you’re going to work towards them.

            The Law
of Sobriety offers a guide for how you find your way to adulthood by finding
your passion and mapping out a plan to help you fill your life with what you
love. It’s not so bad to grow up when you have a direction and a passion to
grow into.

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Life/Recovery Coach in Agoura Hills and on Celebrity Rehab.  She is also the author of “The Law of Sobriety.”  Contact Sherry at  to learn more about her teleseminars, upcoming book signings, speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching packages.


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