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  Addiction doesn’t just apply to drugs and alcohol, addiction to plastic surgery is more common than one may think. The cause stems from low self-esteem combined with hyped up images in the media that are impossible to achieve.   […]

Adolescence is a time when hormonal levels spike and infatuations can easily develop.  However, at times these infatuations can turn into what is termed a “love addiction,” and it doesn’t just happen to adults. Love addiction is being in an […]

A Recovery Coaching client of mine shared with me a definite opinion about Daniel Baldwin and Gary Busey from Celebrity Rehab “over – intellectualizing” their disease of addiction. She asked that I share this.  What do you think? Celebrity Rehab […]

When I received this email from a recovering addict that I do recovery coaching with, I was in such gratitude.  I was so happy to here that the show not only has helped her in recovery, but it has helped […]

How to Attract Positive Energy A Seven Lesson Instantly Downloadable Audio Course Lessons on How to Eliminate All Addictions While Living a Purposeful Life Whatever your addiction is whether it is gambling, sex, love, co-dependency, drugs, alcohol, internet, shopping, or […]

Communication War Zone On Celebrity Rehab 4   Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?  Learning to communicate is one of the most difficult things for addicts in recovery to learn. How we communicated in […]

Listen 8 am PT today on 2 Moms and a Mic Radio at 1400KKZZ interview my colleague and friend Allison Camhie, MFT. KKZZ-AM – 1400 KKZZ-AM ? ?2 MOMS & A MICMonday – Friday’s 8am – Highlighting everyday life […]

 If you’ve been watching Celebrity Rehab 4, you’ve seen the clients go bowling, go to the beach, hang out by the swimming pool and enjoy a barbecue. Is that what rehab is really like?           The answer is no–not even […]