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Addiction doesn’t just apply to drugs and alcohol, addiction
to plastic surgery is more common than one may think. The cause stems from low
self-esteem combined with hyped up images in the media that are impossible to


Plastic surgery has become more socially acceptable due to
the influence of Hollywood. Individuals are having more surgeries starting at a
younger age. It is not uncommon to find a group of 16 year olds that have
either already had their first augmentation or are planning on having something
“fixed”. There is even a children’s book that you can read to your kids about
how surgery is going to make mommy beautiful. 
Some of the (in)famous faces of plastic surgery include:


  • Heidi
  • Joan
  • Jocelyn
  • Michael
  • Donatella


Heidi Montag admits that she was “…an ugly duckling
before.” her multitude of plastic surgery procedures.  She has admitted to having breast
augmentation, brow lift, a nose job and liposuction on various parts of her
body among “other things”. Addiction comes with a false sense of control. The
state of denial that occurs in the mind of an addict “tricks” them into
thinking that they have control over their reality, when in truth they are on a
downward and potentially extremely dangerous path.


Simply put, addiction to plastic surgery is when you are
addicted to having actual cosmetic procedures. The addiction starts to take
over your life, obsession sets in and you spend more than you can afford on
augmenting your body to become “perfect”. 
Once one problem area is dealt with, the addict will find more and more
areas of their body that are imperfect and that require cosmetic surgery.


Plastic surgery addiction can be treated in a fashion
similar to treating drug and alcohol addiction. The best prevention method is
to not have that first procedure done. Examine carefully the reasons behind the
need for the augmentation, is it a want or a necessity. This examination can be
discussed with your cosmetic surgeon before you have any surgery performed.
Making a well-informed decision and taking the time to communicate with a
professional before having surgery is your best bet to prevent the outcome of
addiction to plastic surgery.

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Recovery/Life Coach on Celebrity Rehab on VH1, and author of The Law of Sobriety”, the first book that is a marriage between the law of attraction and recovery from any addiction.  Contact Sherry at to learn more about her coaching packages, psychotherapy, up coming conferences, workshops, teleseminars, and speaking engagements.

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