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of the things you should be noticing about your sobriety is that your
values are changing. Things that used to be important to you–maybe
having time to get high, a knack for making up convincing excuses, or
buddies who can drink as much as you can–no longer are important. And
things you once pushed aside–perhaps being reliable and trustworthy–are
becoming more and more important.

        For example, one of the things I value is loyalty to those I love and cherish.  With my recent situation of someone I love relapsing, instead of living in resentment and anger, I turn to my values of loyalty, commitment, and love.  These are the values that allow me to stay out of my diseased values and stay in the values and cherish and resonate with I am.

not that you never valued being reliable or trustworthy; it’s just that
those values got put on the shelf when your top priority was to get
drunk or high. Now that your top priority is to be sober, you have a
chance to embrace the values that align with who you are in sobriety.

Law of Sobriety says that your values must be in line with your true
essence if you want to resonate the positive energy it will take to
attract everything in life that you desire. That means you stop doing
things that make you feel guilty–because if you are feeling guilty,
you’re not acting in accordance with your values. In sobriety, you have
the freedom to live by your values. Your addiction doesn’t run your
life–you do.

your values align with your true essence, you are doing the things you
are good at and truly enjoy. You are making choices that honor your
values. What are the moments in your life that have been especially
fulfilling or rewarding? In those moments, you were aligned with your
values. And in those moments, the energy of the universe filled you with
drive and fulfillment and peace.

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