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I just stumbled upon Judith Orloff’s blog and her book
Second Sight.  I am so excited about her
message and in fact going to attend her workshop in Westlake Village this
Saturday hosted by the Center for Spiritual Living.  This has become my new home, because it
speaks my message as well.  It is
absolutely what I talk about in The Law of Sobriety about intuition, our inner
voice, our gut feeling, our hunch, and our intuitive wisdom or Higher Power
voice.  She discusses 5 steps to becoming
more intuitive.  The first step is:

Notice Your Beliefs

Not only does having positive beliefs change your
perspective, is has health benefits.  It
is all about being true to yourself and your values.  What is it you believe in?  In Law of Sobriety I talk about what you put
out there in the universe is what you will get back.  If you don’t do the work required to stay
comfortable in your own skin, then simply you won’t be comfortable and you
might even relapse.

Be In Your Body

I studied Somatic Experience for a yr and when I work with
clients in order to ground them and get them present, I check in to what is
happening to them right now in their body. 
We tend to live from the neck up; try shifting that to your heart

Sense Your Body’s Subtle Energy

This is my favorite, thus, that is why I called my book The
Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery

We all have “chi”, that energy force or center that we call
“chakras”.  Be mindful of them because
that too is where intuition lies and your life force.

Ask for Inner Guidance

This is all about your knowing; it is the result of being
still and listening to that tiny voice. 
This can be done thru mediation, contemplation, connecting with nature,
prayer, or whatever helps you receive your inner essence. Asking for guidance
is imperative in recovery.  We don’t
always have the answers in the physical world but down deep in the spiritual
world, those are the answers you can trust.

Listen To Your Dreams

I was never a big believer in dreams.  Now I truly believe they too hold the answers
to our intuition.  Ask yourself before
you go to bed a question that needs an answer that in the physical world it can’t
be answered.  It can only appear in your
spiritual world.  That is where all the
answers from the universe can be heard.

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