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 Many of the exercises in my book The Law of Sobriety, begin with sitting quietly for a few minutes and just being still and breathing. Why is this so important? Because you have to step out of your everyday life, […]

As I walk this road of recovery with my loved one, I need to remind myself constantly to remember two very important words, “forgiveness” and”compassion”.  I discussed compassion yesterday and today compassion. Forgiveness is a key component of my book, […]

If you read the first paragraph of my blog yesterday I shared that someone I love has relapsed.  When someone close to you relapses you go thru many of the stages of loss similar to the stages of grief when […]

This week was challenging for me to say the least.  Someone I love dearly entered rehab and my mom had a stroke and lost eye sight in one of her eyes.  These were the biggies.  The less challenging issues were […]

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Most of us believe, in theory, that we should make efforts to take better care of ourselves, through better eating, more exercise, or working our recovery programs. But we can fall into the trap of forgetting to engage or these […]

A former professor of mine used to say, “What you see depends on where you look”. She was speaking, of course, about the significance of perspective. I suppose it was her adaptation of the philosopher Epictetus’ statement that “Men are […]

Manifesting Tip a Day. According to Shiv Khera, author of You Can Win, failures most often occur for one of the following seven reasons: Lack of persistence. More people fail not because they lack knowledge or talent, but just because […]

Life is difficult. This is not a news flash, and yet we are confronted with a daily barrage of how wonderful your life “should” be. If only you follow these five easy steps, they promise, you will find contentment and […]