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In a complete shocker, Jennifer Lopez was voted off of American Idol tonight.  This was surprising considering that she wasn’t an actual contestant, but her live performance of new single “On the Floor” was so bad that everyone agreed it was the right thing to do.  Best of luck Jennifer!  I am sure you will land on your feet.

Well, in reality, Jennifer Lopez was awful but she is still on the show, and Jacob Lusk isn’t.

Given the way the voting has gone throughout the season this wasn’t a huge surprise, but I am still sad to see him go.  Jacob had a number of pitfalls along the way, such as poor song choices and bad interview quips, but he was hands down the most talented vocalist on the show.   His range was top notch and the notes he was able to hit always managed to get my attention every time.  He was never the best performer, but his raw vocal talent was and is far better than nearly every Idol winner.

I hope Jacob isn’t too saddled in his post-Idol record deal, the gospel and R & B music that he could put out would be awesome.  If they try to turn him into a pop artist then his career will be short lived.  Let’s hope not, I want to hear some more of those golden pipes!

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