Since it’s premiere last Thursday night on American Idol I have been trying to come up with something to say about Lady Gaga’s new video for “Judas.”  There are people up in arms about the video, which isn’t surprising considering that some Catholic groups were protesting the video before they even saw it.  After multiple viewings I simply don’t see what all the fuss is about.

The video depicts scenes from the gospels in Lady Gaga fashion – the disciples are a biker gang, there is a lipstick gun, people are barely dressed, etc.  Nothing really shocking there.  What is getting under people’s skin, I am assuming, are the depictions of specific Biblical scenes.  There’s a mob, a foot washing, a stoning, a crown of thorns, and more.  It is all shown in a quick cut fashion where much more is implied than actually seen.  All of it is somewhat surreal, but no less bizarre than a local church Easter play where the part of Jesus is played by a balding 40 year old white man.

The main reason I find the video to be unworthy of uproar is that much like the song it represents, there is very little point to any of it.  Gaga’s handlers can claim that she is trying to use religion in a positive way, but there isn’t much in the video that really proves that.  The idea is sound, but the execution is lacking.  At this point Gaga should take a page from the person she steals her ideas from her inspiration Madonna.  When Madonna used religious imagery she always made it obvious what the point was.  Usually the point had something to do with sex.  Noble or not, it was always obvious.  Since Lady Gaga’s goal is actually noble, it would pay off in a big way for her to be make her message more obvious.

Until then, the controversy is just a way to sell more albums.

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