…and apparently, it will “shock” us in an unexpected way.  In the video for the controversial single Lady Gaga will play the part of Mary Magdalene, news which has already brought out naysayers.  What is interesting though, is that the video is rumored to be inspirational rather than controversial.

The video was co-directed by Lady Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson, who claims openly to be a Christian.  Here is what she told MTV about the video:

“I will tell you now, first off, I’m Christian, and my career is evidence of God in my life,” Gibson said. “And I think that most people are already thinking that Gaga and the blasphemy and they’re premeditating the approach, and I think they’ll be very shocked to find out how huge and really groundbreaking the message is and how freeing the message is for all the right reasons. And it’s really going to shock the world.”

I am not the biggest supporter of all of Gaga’s antics, but consider me intrigued by this video!  I am for sure tuning into next Thursday’s Idol and will have a review for you as soon as I can comprehend how shocked I am.

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