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Apparently former Idol star Blake Lewis is still out there in the music world.  The last I heard from him he was getting a local band kicked off his show at a Columbia, SC nightclub for making an “offensive” poster.  Let’s just say that he was a little bit sensitive back then…

Anyway, recently Blake had some interesting words about embattled Idol star Casey Abrams:

“I like Casey, [but] I think he’s been scaring America,” Lewis said. “He looks like he’s going to punch a baby. I want him to smile. … Each week he’s been screaming.”

Given what transpired on Idol two weeks ago, Blake may not be too far off.  Abrams was nearly booted from the show after a gruff John Forgerty inspired rendition of “Heard It Through the Grapevine” fell flat with America.  The damage was done before then though, as his aggressive performance of Nirvana the week before shook his voter foundation.  Following his near-exit, we saw a renewed and more clean cut version of Abrams – and one that took the Idol fans by storm, pulling him out of the bottom three.

Casey Abrams may have scared America, but the new Casey Abrams is scaring me.

I fear that what we are witnessing here is an artist transforming from who they really are into a made-for-America pop star.  Trimming his signature beard and donning a suit was just the first step, I doubt we hear him give a performance as bold as the Nirvana one ever again on the show.  After that performance Randy Jackson praised him for being an artist rather than worrying about the popularity of what he was doing.  Unfortunately, Randy was the only one to say that, and I fear that we may have seen the last of the aggressive Casey.  I hope I am wrong.

An artist as talented as Casey should stay true to himself no matter the result.  He has achieved enough of a name to have a long career making the music he wants to make.  If winning American Idol means changing who he is as an artist, it is not worth it.

Prove me wrong Casey!

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