I shop music frequently, and this Friday I wanted to pass along to all of you dear friends the best advice I can.  Today that advice is to make Amazon your home for digital music.  No, I don’t work for Amazon, I just want you to be happy.

In the past year Amazon.com has become the place to go for music downloads.  They have now decided to up the ante by offering hit singles at only 69 cents!  Seriously, that is a whole 50 cents cheaper than Itunes!  As if that weren’t enough reasons, I can offer you six more reasons to give your business to the Amazon MP3 store:

1. $1.99 albums – Every day Amazon has a new album available for only 2 dollars.  Whole albums!!  For 2 dollars!!  Now, it is unlikely that you will find absolutely classic albums, but there are always good albums popping up every week.  There is also a big section for 5 dollar albums as well.

2. The Cloud – This has been a hot topic in the record industry, but a lot of people still don’t seem to know what it is.  Basically, anything that you download from Amazon will be in your MP3 Cloud.  You can access that Cloud anywhere with internet and listen to your music whenever you want to.  That is really, really cool.

3. Promotional credit – Amazon loves slinging around promo-credit for purchases.  In fact, most of my MP3 downloads have come from the promotional credits that they give customers for other purchases, holidays, etc. etc.  It is easy to rack up and even easier to spend!

4. They treat small artists well – Even if you don’t have a local artist that you follow, this should appeal to your general feelings of right and wrong.  Amazon takes less money from the artist than Itunes and other competing services.  When you are talking small artists, that is a very big deal.  They need the money, trust me.

5. Better quality downloads – Without getting too technical, Amazon’s MP3s just sound better.  You will notice that the downloads take a little longer, that’s because they sound better.  There are all kinds of technical reasons for this, but just trust me on it.  I’m the prophet.

6. It is just cheaper – The 69 cent singles are only the beginning.  A lot of full albums are 8 dollars, and you will rarely find yourself paying full price for a download.  What’s to lose?

I hope that I have not insulted any Apple fans with this information, but mostly I hope that someone will discover great new music because of this.  That is what it’s all about!

Happy Friday!!

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