Tonight Casey Abrams came in last in votes on American Idol – but he didn’t go home.  The judges invoked their one save of the season with 11 contestants left, and they did it without even hearing 30 seconds of Abram’s swan song.  Sharing the bottom two with Casey was Stefano Langone, and when it was revealed that Casey received the lowest number of votes he looked more surprised than anyone.  The entire sequence was the most dramatic of this young Idol season – full of tears, obvious pain, and censored profanity.

I for one am glad to see Casey stay.  While his last two performances haven’t been top-notch, Casey is one of the most seasoned and interesting performers on the show.  He took a big risk last week with the Nirvana cover, and I figured if he could survive that then he could survive anything.  I guess I was wrong.  It would have been a shame to see him go home, and I am completely shocked that he was the lowest vote getter.  Really, America?  Really?? This would have been up there with Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson getting dropped early, and is just a reminder that for a lot of voters Idol isn’t really a singing competition at all.

Remember when Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert?  Casey being last is as crazy as that was.

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