Tonight’s episode of American Idol held some serious intrigue for an early season show.  Let’s take in the highlights:

In a new move for the show, the hovering parents were a major player.  In fact, they served as a catalyst for the tense moments in the group rehearsals.  Early favorite James Durbin expressed dismay at their presence and influence over other groups.  He was spot on though, they really were annoying.  The producers did show another perspective through 15 year old contestant JC, whose parents were there to encourage him when he was let go from his group.  It was a moment that served to remind us all that many of these contestants are just kids.

Steven Tyler is hilarious and entertaining.  Like many long-time rock fans, I doubted his presence on the show before the season.  I am okay with admitting that I was wrong.  He brings a different feel to the show, but is so naturally funny and talented that it seems to lift everyone’s spirits.  Maybe someday other Aerosmith fans will begin the process of forgiving him too.

What is up with the live band for the group auditions?  The usual band for Idol is top of the line, but this stripped down version sounds like elevator music meets pop.  Man it is terrible.  On the flip side though, any singing that sounds good against that backdrop has to be very, very good.

For maybe the first time in Idol history, more guys cried on this show than girls.  Way to let it out guys!

That’s all from me tonight!  Congratulations to all the contestants who made it through, especially my main man JC!

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