couple_computer.jpgNot all people who do this are Christians, but 93% of them are. The remaining 7% are rogue non-Christians who are unabashed corndogs.

couple-computer-on-phone-1.jpgIf you are fortunate enough to have Facebook friends who do this, you know it often begins with the wife praising her husband in her status. Once she’s posted it’s only a matter of time before the freshly lauded husband reciprocates using his status. Other times the husband commits Facebook PDA completely unprovoked by a glowing review. When you see this you can’t help but wonder if he did something dastardly and is trying to get out of the doghouse.

couplehappy.jpgCouples who do this don’t think that their Facebook PDA could possibly violate the intimacy of their marriage or nauseate innocent bystanders. They believe they are blessing everyone by sharing their joy. If you are part of a PDA couple who is unfortunate enough to have nauseous Facebook friends, those friends may think your need for people to be jealous of you is stronger than your marriage.

computer_couple2.jpgMarried people who are not Christians generally don’t engage in cyber foreplay. Christian culture might counter that this is because Christians have better marriages, but the divorce rate in the church would not support that hypothesis.

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