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“Spy Kids” star Alexa PenaVega recently opened up in an interview with Fox news where she shared how she teaches her children about faith. “The best way I could teach them about faith was just operating in my faith in front of them,” said PenaVega. “Obviously, we talk about stories of the Bible. That’s fun and exciting. But I think the biggest thing is, what does the relationship with God look like? Because there’s learning about the Bible, but then there’s real relationship.” The actress opened up about her own relationship with God, saying that she grew up Christian, but really started “deep diving with God” in her late 20s, realizing that there was much more to learn. Now as a mother, she tries to demonstrate her faith for her kids. “I pray out loud all the time,” she explained. “I’ll be cooking, and they’ll hear mama talking to God. I will be cleaning, and they will hear me talking to God. And it’s really great because it’s gotten them to a place where they know they can go to God for absolutely anything and everything.”

She shares three children with husband Carlos PenaVega: Kingston, Ocean and Rio. She joked saying that her children have been applying her lesson of going to God for anything when they play video games, saying it doesn’t bother her at all. “They’ll be trying to get through a level, and they’re like, ‘Please God, Jesus, Jesus, please just help me get through this.’ And I’m cracking up because the innocence of their heart behind the ask. I love it because I’m like, ‘You know what? No, nothing is too small.’ And I love that they’re going to Jesus just to get past this level in their game.”

Carlos and Alexa, who met in Bible study, both have experience in the entertainment industry. Alexa rose to fame in the “Spy Kids” franchise while Carlos was a part of the Nickelodeon series,
Big Time Rush.”  Alexa said that she and her husband both had a strong foundation which resulted in them having “had pretty decent experiences in the industry.” “Obviously, this industry is not set up for faith-based people,” she added. “It’s not really set up for families. I mean, if you think about it, most of the time families are leaving for months at a time. They’re split up. It’s really hard. We’ve really found a special way to make it work for our family. And because our kids are growing up seeing how it works for us.” Because of this strong foundation, PenaVega said that she would be comfortable if her children decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. “If they wanted to jump in and get in the entertainment industry in any way, I feel like they have a strong enough foundation where they can hold their own,” she said. “And I wouldn’t worry about them being involved in this industry. But also, right now, I have one that wants to be an astronaut and one that wants to be a firefighter. So, who knows where they might go?”

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