Stand-up comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jim Breuer recently expressed gratitude to God amid the news that his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Breuer is known for his comedic roles in films like “Half Baked” and “Zookeeper.” He discussed his wife’s health in an episode of “The Brueniverse Podcast” earlier this month. In an announcement about his wife, Dee, Breuer said, “The doctors said, ‘There’s] nothing we can do. [The cancer] is everywhere.” After learning about his wife’s diagnosis, he said, “Your life as you know it changes like that.”

After that, Breuer immediately turned to a friend for comfort, and his friend asked about his relationship with God. His friend asked, “I know you’re spiritual, and you believe in God, and your wife is deep into the Word of Jesus and born-again; she found her faith many years ago. How does that affect that now?”

Breuer’s friend also asked if Breuer was mad at God over his wife’s lengthy cancer battle. Surprisingly, Breuer said that he wasn’t mad at all. He replied that he wasn’t angry at what was being taken away or what he won’t have anymore. Instead, he’s choosing to feel blessed for what he had and still has. Breuer continued, “Do you know how many people never had the relationship I did and still have? Do you know how many incredible, lifesaving, emotional, deep-saving moments I’ve had with my wife, Dee?”

Breuer also said he’s grateful for his three children, the time he’s gotten to spend with Dee over the years, and their rewarding relationship. He also encouraged others to take tragic times to appreciate other blessings in life, saying, “Start looking at the beauty right in front of you with yourself. I’ll never be mad at God. I cannot believe the beauty that surrounds me. I can’t believe the beauty that is given to me.”

While discussing his wife, Breuer talked about how he got to hold his father until his last breath when he died, saying, “Do you know what a blessing that is? I pray to God that everybody gets that opportunity. If you get the opportunity to hold someone to the end, do it.” It’s not clear where Breuer is with his relationship with God, but his wife’s faith in God had impacted him. He’s used her faith as a punchline throughout the years but says he has no problems with her trust in Jesus.

Last year, Breuer asked his daughter Gabrielle if she believed in God. She replied, “I just don’t. I don’t see, like, some big guy, person-thing in the sky kinda like guiding me. I see it more as like a universal thing, like more of a — the universe will put things into your life and will make things happen to you that are necessary for where you will end up.”

After announcing his wife’s condition, Breuer revealed that doctors initially only gave her months to live. However, she’s lived five years with terminal cancer. Breuer also encouraged those who’ve been dealt the ‘your days are numbered’ card to persevere and never give up. Please pray for Dee’s healing and uplift the Breuer family.

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