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I recently threw out a half-baked idea of paying pregnant mothers to give up babies for adoption instead of having an abortion. I admit there’s something creepy about the idea (which has been mocked here, here, here, here, and here, …Read More

In 1993, religious groups were an insignificant part of the health care reform debate. This time groups like the Family Research Council are weighing in hard against, while progressive religious folks are working hard to generate grassroots support for health …Read More

In 2000, some Beliefnet folks were invited to a small meeting with Michael Jackson, who was trying to raise money for a Peter Pan theme park. Bob Nylen, Beliefnet’s co-founder, wrote about the scene in his new book, Guts: Best …Read More

The first two pop songs I remember ever being conscious of were “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce and “Rockin’ Robin” by the Jackson Five. I remember sitting in the back of a yellow school bus heading to Sands …Read More

Popular water-cooler theories: 1) For men, sex and power are very connected. On a caveman, evolutionary level, a key perk of being powerful is having sexual bounty. For women, sex isn’t about power. It’s about (I’ll let my women readers …Read More

Politicians when caught in sex scandals seem to often apologize for “letting down” or “disappointing” various people — and Mark Sanford hit that point over and over. For his family: “Let me first of all apologize to my wife Jenny, …Read More

Our new community has a cool new photo gallery tool. I made this gallery of flower mandalas. Sign up for the community and check it

New tapes of Richard Nixon once again have the former President and the evangelist talking about Jews in disturbing ways. Cathy Grossman of USA Today summarizes: “ixon raises the news that Israel had mistakenly shot down a Libyan civilian airliner, …Read More

Because the mainstream media has been censored in Iran, it’s very hard to get a sense from TV of what’s going on. Based on the posts and tweets on and — two of the best sources — the …Read More

RH Reality Check linked to a fascinating article on a site called “Science Notes” about the reasons for third trimester abortions. As regular readers know, I’ve been hunting for good stats so I was interested in the author’s data about …Read More