Have you ever felt drawn to someone as if they had some kind of inner force? I’m not talking about the “oh he’s so hot” kinda force. I’m talking about an energetic pull you feel in your gut that attracts you like a magnet. If you’ve experienced this kind of fiery encounter than you’ve been in the presence of an inner rockstar.

There is an inner rockstar inside you too. If you don’t believe me that’s because you’re energy is out of tune. When your energy is vibrating at a frequency of love, compassion, serenity and joy your inner rockstar is jammin.
When your energy is vibrating at a lower level frequency your inner rockstar is out of whack, therefore attracting low-level circumstances. You’re always attracting to you whatever energy you give off.

Think about it. The same way you feel positively drawn to certain people, you can also feel the opposite affect. People with low-level energy most likely turn you off. I’m sure you know those people who often attract low-level experiences. For instance, people who struggle with chronic illness, life drama or chaos.

In most cases people are yoyo attractors. This means they’re attracting power is inconsistent. For these folks, some days flow effortlessly whereas other days are completely off. This type of attracting is the result of unfocused energy based on misguided thoughts, feelings and energy.

If you’re a yoyo style attractor then you’re reading the right blog. I’m here to teach you how to refocus your own magnetic energy so that you can experience consistent life flow, serenity and authentic power. Refocusing your energy will totally change your internal and external experiences. You’ll have full access to your inner rockstar: the true source of power. When you’re inner rockstar is on, life begins to flow. You attract awesome stuff and most importantly you know how to connect to you’re source of strength from within. You’ll no longer need to “become something” and instead you’ll just be. The outside world will reflect your internal state as the Universe sends you abundant gifts and tremendous support. In addition, much like a rockstar you’ll captivate others and positively enhance the energy around you.

So how does one put an end to yoyo attracting and rev up their inner rockstar? Just follow this four-week plan and expect miracles.


Three times throughout the day (morning, mid-day and evening) take note of your internal state and how you’re attracting. Ask yourself the following questions: What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What’s happening around me?

WEEK TWO: Take Inventory

This week is dedicated to taking a fearless inventory of your behavior. Review your work from the previous week and identify the patterns in your behavior. For instance, let’s say you noticed a pattern that everyday at noon you focused on how much you hated your job. This thinking led you to feel anxious and therefore created tension between you and your boss. As a result of this low-level thinking you were led to low-level feeling and therefore attracted a negative outcome. Take note of these types of patterns.

After reviewing the patterns throughout the week practice an ~ing-write (free write) on what your energetic patterns are. Write without interruption for ten minutes. This exercise will help you understand how your energy effects your external experiences.


Week three is all about reconnecting with your inner rockstar. With your newfound insight about your energetic patterns you’ll be guided to know what you need to shift. Review your inventory and choose one negative pattern that you want to transform. Throughout the week pay close attention to your behavior. Check in with your thoughts, feelings and external experiences as they are related to negative patterns.

By fearlessly witnessing your patterns you’ll know when to shift. Each time you catch yourself in the act of negativity, choose to change it. To begin these shifts simply say this mantra out loud or in your head: “I choose to see this differently. I release my negativity and I welcome a loving perspective.” Practice using this mantra all day long whenever you notice your negative energy come through.


The most powerful way to transform your negative energy into positive is through forgiveness. Carrying resentment is only harming you by creating more negativity in your mind and body. Tune into a positive frequency by using the F Word. The moment you feel resentment towards a person, circumstance or even you just throw down an F bomb and forgive. Don’t get too heady about this. If you have no clue how to forgive all you need is willingness. Say out loud or in your mind, “I know this resentment doesn’t serve me. I forgive and I release.” Just saying this will create a shift and guide your energy into a more positive vibration.

If you’re ready to jam out with your inner rockstar practice these four steps this month. Witness your behavior, take fearless inventory, shift your patterns and choose to forgive. By taking committed action towards releasing negativity you’ll release the blocks to the rockstar inside you.

For my free guided meditations and Expect Miracles lecture click here. Watch me get my Inner Rockstar on!

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