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I love my life. Today I see my world through shimmering golden lenses. Lenses, that filter my vision with love, inform my thoughts, fuel my emotions and support my energy. Today I choose love over fear in all situations. I feel abundant, happy and free. My job in life is to help others feel this way too. I am a miracle worker.

I was not always this enthusiastic about life. Six years ago I was trapped in a dark space trying to scream my way out. I identified closely with a story from A Course in Miracles; It describes us as standing in a beautiful, light-flooded room, with our hands over our eyes. We are screaming in fear because we are afraid of the darkness, yet all we need to do is simply put down our arms and receive the light.

In 2005 I began to remove my hands and welcome light back into my life. I decided there was a better way to view the world, and I set out to find it. Through the guidance of our angel messenger Marianne Williamson, I became a student of A Course in Miracles. I put down the lifestyle of a fast-paced, New York entrepreneur and developed a new addiction – I became a Spirit Junkie! The Universe guided me to many healing assignments and I have shown up for them all. I can testify to the work of my predecessors. Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay and Shakti Gawain who have helped me “Return to Love” and have taught me to “Live in the Light.”

Today I am a motivational speaker, life coach and author. I am a glass half full kind of girl. I am a unicyclist, a mentor, a daughter and a friend. I am a Lovetarian. I reject fear like a vegan rejects chopped meat. I am an entrepreneur, a sister, a lover of life, a voice for my generation. I am a raconteur. I heal through stories of love and light.

My mission in this lifetime is to guide my generation back to love. I am here to help remove those hands that block the light. As a channel for the Universe, I download and translate important information. As a mouthpiece I share a hip and powerful conversation.

“Only Love is Real” (ACIM) — Is my mantra.

Without love it is all an illusion, a bad dream we forget to wake up from. I’m proud to say that I will be your alarm clock. I have chosen to be of service to the world one young woman at a time. Today, I empower all female readers to do the same. I have designed a home for a motivational conversation to evolve, where guidance and love are found unconditionally. This home is called HerFuture.

This social network holds space for messages of inspiration, empowerment, and mentoring relationships. HerFuture is an influential online conversation dedicated to connection and communication between like minds. It is a platform to be heard, healed, nurtured and guided. Welcome home ladies.

Allow sites like Herfuture and Beliefnet to be your guide and help you be of service to the world and you too will become a miracle worker. Being a miracle worker is a recession proof job! We will heal humanity through our optimism, hope and intetions. We make this change one perceptual shift at a time. In his book Manifest Your Destiny, Dr. Wayne Dyer tells a story about thousands of small fish that were washed up to shore on a beach in Florida. When the ocean calmed he began to throw individual fish back to sea. A man walked by him and said, “Can’t you see how hopeless your task is?” In response, Dyer picked up a fish, tossed it back into the ocean and said, “It made a difference to that one.”

Need I say more? Begin to shift your perceptions today. Stop thinking, how can I get? And begin a new conversation of How can I give? Carry your message one gentle step at a time and be a miracle worker.

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