Have you ever gone to a family reunion or church potluck and found that half of the food came straight from the store?  These occasions used to be a time to share and taste each other’s recipes.  We had a picnic here a few weeks ago and ended up with potato salad from Krogers, baked beans right out of the can and s store bought birthday cake.  Why?

It isn’t that people don’t know how to cook and bake for themselves.  We have just become so lazy that we won’t take the time to make it ourselves.  I have a friend that makes the best baked beans ever.  They start in  a can, but when she adds ham, onions, mustard, and molasses and bakes them for a couple of hours……Oh my, are they good!

My niece makes a wonderful red velvet cake with frosting to die for.  My potato salad and deviled eggs are always a hit.  I also bake all my own Christmas, Valentine, and Easter cookies.  One of doctors begs me to bring him cookies because his wife won’t bake for him.

When I was on the east coast this summer I found a cafe’ that actually made home made potato chips.  They were so fresh and crispy; nothing like those out of a bag.  Texas sheet cake is something you don’t find in the store, at least not a good one.  It calls for cooked frosting, NOT out of a can.  What about fresh tapioca pudding, is there anything better?

My point is that we should slow down and take the time to make home made things.  People enjoy them all the more because they know you cared enough to make instead of buy.  Everything is better if it is made with love and care.

Sometimes we try this approach with God.  He asks us to spend time with a lonely old lady, but we send her flowers instead.  Flowers aren’t bad, they just aren’t the best.  God says help feed the hungry by working at the soup kitchen, we give an extra offering to the food pantry.  God tells us to go pray for a friend, but we decide a phone call will work just as well.  It seems we are too busy to do things God’s way.

Whether it’s cookies or conversation, it’s always best to give from your heart and put love and effort into what you are doing.  People appreciate it more and it pleases God.  So, no more excuses!  I want some Texas sheet cake.

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