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June 2012 Archives

We have a fundraising event called “Box City”, to support our area homeless shelter.  The idea is to give people the experience of being homeless.  Many church groups, businesses, and youth organizations participate.  Each person get sponsors like one would […]

New growth isn’t always pretty.  Look at this bush.  All those fresh little leaves do not make the bush attractive.  In fact it makes it look a little unruly.  However, without the new growth each year, the bush would stagnate […]

Sometimes when I’m teaching my Sunday School class, the children get a bit too loud for me. I can’t really teach because they are talking and not listening.  I will begin speaking in just a whisper and say things like, […]

We have all heard the saying, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”.  I think my daisies have decided that, “the dirt is browner on the other side of the yard”.  They normally are only planted […]

Often we see things in part and assume the rest of the story.  That can be a very dangerous habit to get into.  I was taught to believe nothing of what I see and only half of what I hear.  […]

Life is a puzzle and sometimes we have difficulty getting the pieces to fit properly.  Little Erin was worn out just trying to put Strawberry Shortcake together.   She really was just going to rest her head for a minute and […]

The strawberry season in Ohio is just coming to an end.  What a sad day that will be.  I love strawberry anything.  We recently went out to Polter’s Berry Farm and bought some berries.  When our kids were little we […]

Yesterday at church, our assistant pastor was posing for pictures with his four year old son, Samuel.  They had both dressed in matching suits, ties and shirts.  Samuel thinks his daddy is the best thing since jelly donuts.  It was […]

It will be difficult for me to write a positive blog about fathers.  Both my father and my husband’s father were both abusive alcoholics.  Therefore, I will have to look hard for good things to say about either of them  […]

Some people love cars, some boats, some like lots of clothes or collect bells or magnets.  My husband loves anything John Deere.  He was raised on a farm and drove a 1946B tractor for years.  When his family didn’t farm […]