A wonderful thing seems to happen as people from around the world gather to compete in the Olympics.  This year’s Summer Olympics will be held in London, England.  What is it that makes us gather to support the young athletes from many nations?

Perhaps it’s because during that time we don’t see each other as enemies, but as competitors. Our countries don’t have to agree on politics and policies.  They don’t have to defend their beliefs or traditions. We all must play by the same rules and each will master their own sport and concentrate only on winning.

They don’t have to look over their shoulders to see if someone is following them.  They don’t have to be concerned with their individual safety.  The security at these games is pretty intense and well trained people are protecting the players and visitors at all time.  Everything from no fly zones to individual screenings take place during these games.  If anything looks suspicious, their are men and women trained to deal with the situation quickly and effectively

This allows the participants to focus on the life changing experience of representing their country at the Olympic Games.  They can socialize with people from other nations.  They can learn about other cultures.  Their families can share in  the excitement; and all without worry about being harmed in some way by the countries who normally are our enemies.  All are protected from the nations who don’t share our ideas.

In the big picture our nations may be a war, or in a nuclear weapons race.  We may have human rights issues with them or think they are not good neighbors, in the big scheme of things. but during the Olympics we can just relax and enjoy each other.  There is plenty of time to disagree and fight amongst ourselves back in the real world.  The Olympics give us a few days of peace and security and an opportunity to complete with the best athletes in the world.

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