1. A mom will always be there for her children, even when they are grown.

2. A mom thinks about her children long after they have “flown the nest”.

3. A mom supports her children’s dreams, even when they seem impossible.

4. A mom loves her children in a way they will never understand until they have their own.

5. A mom will defend her children against the world.

6. A mom will take a bullet, catch a hand grenade, step in front of a train and ask God to take her instead of her child.

7. A mom wil always go the extra mile when it comes to her children; cupcakes for the baseball team or helping build a birdhouse.

8. A mom will fix scraped  knees, kiss away tears and try to mend broken hearts.

9. A mom will love her children even when they hurt and neglect her.

10. A mom will love her children ‘to the moon and back’ and more.  They love with an unconditional love, much like God does.  We may not approve of what they do, or who they see, but our love is constant.


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