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I think we all start out with the intention to serve God with all our hearts.  We make a commitment to yield ourselves; body, soul, and spirit.  But something often happens as we pursue our dreams and ambitions, and we […]

I was volunteering at our local homeless shelter last weekend and learned that Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone.  I took some craft supplies with me and one of the younger residents helped decorate the shelter and made some […]

   Sometimes we think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for adults, for people who in love with each other.  I have learned over the years of teaching that children love Valentine’s Day too.  Many take cards and treats to […]

     With it being an election year, we are bombarded with new faces in the political arena.  We hear each one say how great they are and why they should be our next president, and in the next breath they […]

    The month of February is all about love and Valentine’s Day.  There are so many kinds of love that sometimes it’s hard to figure out just what kind of love we have for certain individuals.  There is the special […]