Here in Ohio we often have enough wind during the winter months to measure a wind chill factor.  That isn’t the actual temperature, but rather the temperature that it feels like to our bodies because of the wind.  Today we have a chill factor of 6 degrees.  The actual temperature is 24 degrees.  Brrrrr, that’s too cold for me. I think I’ll curl up with a good book in front of my fireplace.

    Did you know that people, including Christians can create a “chill factor” around them?  We all face life’s ups and downs, its good times and bad.  I have heard it said that life is what happens while we are making plans for our future.  That is so true.  Life just drops in on us when we least expect it.  Sometimes it’s good news, like a check in the mail, or flowers from a friend.  Sometimes it’s bad news; the car breaks down or your favorite cat dies.

     We all have winter days when we feel like a freeze has hit our hearts and spirits.  That is a normal part of living in this world.  It cannot be avoided. Even the most spiritually mature person, will face losses.  The best preacher in the world will have discouraging days.  If you are breathing, you will deal with these things. The question is how we deal with them.

     If we can, “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding.” Psalm 3:5-6 “If in all our ways we acknowledge Him, He shall direct our paths.”  When we feel overwhelmed by our circumstances, we can count on God to see us through.  It may not be easy, but we can be victorious.

    We create a spiritual “chill factor” when we try to fix things without God.  Then we get upset and develop bad attitudes.  We get all prickly inside and it surfaces to the outside.  When you really need a hug of comfort, it isn’t good to bristle up like a porcupine.  No one wants to hug a porcupine….unless it’s another porcupine.

    Most of us have family and friends around us who are ready to comfort and encourage us.  They want to help us bear the cold and lonely winter seasons of life.  God is our greatest comfort and He will show us how to deal with any situation.  He will give us grace and peace through the storms of life.  He will give us wisdom and understanding.  He will show us what to do or say.

    Many people won’t press through when they are faced with a persoanl “chill factor”, but our Lord will not fail us.  He will love us through it all.  He will guide and comfort us.  Life is hard enough, let’s not create a “chill factor” in our lives.


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