Small Town America

     We have a company in nearby Tiffin, OH, that makes the best potato chips in the world.  They are the famous Ballreich’s  chips.  Many people who move away from the area, actually  order these chips and have them delivered across the country.  I have a friend who just received a shipment in Houston, TX.

     One day a few months ago my husband, Rich opened a new bag of Ballreich’s chips and got quite a surprise.  The first chip he pulled from the bag had a perfect cross burnt in the center of it.  Amazing!  We took pictures of it and had an interesting conversation piece for a few days.  It now lies in my china cabinet, almost forgotten.

     Recently I opened another bag of Ballreich’s chips.  The first chip I pulled out had the sign of the fish burnt in the center of it.  What’s up with that?  We found two Christian symbols on our potato chips in less than six months.   Is God trying to tell us something?  If so, what?

     Eat more Ballreich’s chips and be blessed.  Stop after only one chip.  Ballreich’s is a Christian company.  Or nothing at all.  What do you think?

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