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November 2011 Archives

This is the face of one happy grandpa.  Some of these children he hasn’t seen for a year and a half and it has been quite a year for Grandpa.  In March he started noticing that his hip hurt.  It […]

Thanksgiving is always a special time for us because we get to see some of our children and grandchildren.  Both of our sons and their families were able to come this year, so we had  a double blessing.  We used […]

     With Thanksgiving over, now we begin the countdown to Christmas.  There are so many things to take care of; shopping, wrapping, cooking, party planning, the church Christmas play, and sending Christmas cards.  Plus, the array of festive Christmas cookies […]

     Black Friday, what an awful way to describe one of the most enjoyable days of the year.  That is if you like to shop till you drop.  I know the retailers have a reason for this name, I just […]

     In 1620, when the Mayflower sailed from England to the New World, the pilgrims had no idea what to expect in this new place.  They had brought only a very few items with witch  to start their new lives.  They […]

     Let’s see what we have to be thankful for: T- is for all the teachers, who have made a difference in your life. H- is for your home and all the warmth it offers. A-is for your animals, who […]

     We have a company in nearby Tiffin, OH, that makes the best potato chips in the world.  They are the famous Ballreich’s  chips.  Many people who move away from the area, actually  order these chips and have them delivered […]

Have you ever had a pet bunny rabbit?  They are so soft and cuddly.  I love to rub my cheek over their warm fuzzy coat.  Bunnies are special little pets who give lots of love to their owners. There is […]

  Have you ever had a day when everything that could go wrong did?  Well, I have had that kind of week.  My husband had knee surgery a few days ago and is in a rehab center now.  He probably […]

     As I look out my window at the beautiful colors of my trees and watch the leaves float down in the afternoon breeze, I wonder how anyone could not believe in God.  My happy little squirrel is stealing bird […]