Behind the building that houses the Sandusky County jail stands a big fence.  It’s very tall and topped with barbed concertina wire.  You definitely know you are at a prison. My husband and I went out to take a look at the  jail’s garden.  When Sheriff Overmyer unlocked the gate, we found a huge garden with all kinds of vegetables growing.

They had corn and tomatoes, onions, brussel sprouts, celery, beans, cauliflower, carrots and red beets.  They are even trying to start a raspberry patch in hopes that one day they can make and sell “Slammer Jam”.

Of course this was all the “brain child” of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.  The kitchen help was not thrilled with the garden idea.  It meant more work for them.  Instead of opening cans of corn or green beans, they had to pick and clean the vegetables first. A 1.5 acre garden produces a lot of food.  They share their excess with the Liberty Center of Sandusky County, a homeless shelter.  A couple  bushels of sweet corn ended up in my kitchen.  I prepared it for the freezer so the shelter residents can have fresh corn all winter.

Can you imagine the enormous pot of vegetable soup one could make from that garden?  I can almost taste it as I write this blog.  I guess I’ll have to break the law to actually try their soup.  Perhaps that isn’t such a good idea.

What else are they growing at the Sandusky County jail?  Check in tomorrow for more.

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