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October 2011 Archives

     Now that Halloween is over, let’s be getting ready for Christmas.  The stores are already decked out in Christmas style.  As the Halloween items go on the clearance racks, the Christmas goodies come out.  Around here some stores had Christmas […]

     Halloween is a time when ghosts and goblins roam freely across our nation.  Most people have little or no knowledge of how it started or what they are celebrating.  We know it is called Satan’s holiday.   It has always been […]

To the far right of the jail garden lies their pumpkin patch.  They call it The Pediatric Pumpkin Patch because of what they do with it.  This is the largest plot of land , except maybe the sweet corn, that […]

When an individual chooses to break the law in Sandusky County, I’m sure they are not imaging themselves planting cabbage and snapping string beans.  That is  not typical behavior for someone incarcerated.  However, Kyle Overmyer is not your typical sheriff. […]

To the far left of the garden we found a chicken coop and run.  The inmates have been raising their chickens and butchering them in 2010.  Last year the chickens produced 600 pounds of meat.  The inmates don’t get much […]

Behind the building that houses the Sandusky County jail stands a big fence.  It’s very tall and topped with barbed concertina wire.  You definitely know you are at a prison. My husband and I went out to take a look […]

Kyle Overmyer is the youngest sheriff in the state of Ohio.  He is only 38 years old, but that doesn’t mean that he lacks motivation or wisdom.  When he took office he was told to “trim” the budget.  He found […]

I would much rather eat a piece of homemade carrot cake than eat a raw carrot. I would be more likely to choose chocolate as a treat, over a radish.  Most of us would rather have ice cream instead of […]

We recently did some remodeling in our bathroom.   My way of handling it was to run away with my friend and go shopping for 2 days.  The house was a mess, with tools and dry wall all over the place.  […]

I have a teddy bear collection.  I simply cannot resist their adorable faces.  I used to have hundreds of them in 3 rooms of my house.  When we moved to a smaller place 3 years ago, I had to downsize.  […]