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August 2011 Archives

     Labor Day is just around the corner and with it comes the traditional ending of the summer season.  Although the calendar doesn’t say it’s officially fall yet, for all practical purposes summer is over.  Many local pools and tourist […]

     Where have all the children gone?  I don’t see them walking to the pool or riding their bikes down my street.  I can’t hear them laughing and argueing on the corner.  I haven’t seen them with their skateboards and […]

     My husband is a hopeless romantic.  He has always been that way.  He loves flowers and I know he loves me.  I used to travel a lot when my first book was released, he always had a fresh bouquet […]

     It’s amost harvest time here in Ohio.  Some things have already been harvested, like the wheat, hay, oats,  rye and barley.   The cabbage is coming off now and the tomatoes have begun to turn red.  We have fields of […]

     I love the summer time, when all the lovely flowers bloom.  I have flowers that start when there is still snow on the ground and some that bloom right up to the first frost.  I like all kinds of […]

     Imagine my surprise when I drove past our fair grounds last week and saw a bunch of camels roaming around near one of the horse barns.  What in the world?  Then a few days later I drove past and […]

          Roy Lester, a 61 year old lifeguard from New York, lost his job for refusing to wear a speedo during a speed test.   He had been a lifeguard at Jones Beach, NY since 1966 and swimming was his passion.  […]

    A few weeks ago I wrote a news blog about Americans becoming a bunch of liars.  My source was the CBS Early Show.  This week they have had an incredible story about honesty.  It seems that the Smith family […]

    As children we used to sing this little tune, ” Doctor, Doctor can you tell what will make poor Jimmy well?  He is sick and going to die.  Doctor, Doctor tell me why.”   Back then, most families had one doctor.  If […]

     Have you ever met anyone who didn’t know that difference between a porterhouse steak and a pork loin?  I have, my husband.  Well, he does now, but when we first got married 42 years ago he didn’t.  The first […]