Small Town America
July 2011 Archives

      We have an old fashioned Root Beer Stand in my home town; complete with car hops and hanging trays.  The food is fabulous and the atmosphere always takes you back to the sixties.  My fist job was as a […]

     Today on the CBS Early Show they had a feature about the epidemic of lying that has swept our nation over the last 20 years.  It seems that no one wants to speak the truth and accept the consequences […]

      If you have ever had to use food stamps, you will understand my purpose writing this blog.  It has been over 30 years since we used them, but some of the same rules apply.  I watched is disbelief at […]

We all like to take a nap once in a while.  That is a good thing.  It has been medically proven that a short nap during the day increases our productivity and sharpens our thinking.  My son-i n-law takes a […]

     There I sat in a low-income apartment in the red light district of Cincinnati.  The only  thing that wasn’t moving was me.  The walls were crawling.  The furniture was making me see double.  The floors were pulsating like waves […]

     What people believe can cause a lot of controversy.  We all believe in something.  When we meet others who have the opposite belief or at least a different belief, it can spark  an argument.      There is sometimes a vast […]

Sunflowers are beautiful to look at as they grow in the backyard.  They make a nice fresh flower arrangement for a table centerpiece.   The sunflower design is used very often in home decor.  My kitchen is done in sunflowers and […]

     Is there anything more precious than watching a small child worshipping God?  We have a children’s dance team at our church called Stepping Stones.  Many of these little girls are also in my Sunday School class, so I have […]

Did you know that time waits for no  one; not for man ,women, or child?  The only record in history when time ever stood still was when God did it sovereignly. (Joshua 10:13) So to say that  time ‘s a wasting is or can be […]

       What is going on in Washington, DC?  Our leaders can’t seem to agree on anything, except that we have a money problem.  People laughed when Donald Trump said he was running for President of the United States.   However, he […]