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June 2011 Archives

    As our nation and world seem to be racing out of control, it takes courage to even get out of bed every morning.  We all have our own challenges and trials to face  each day.  We each have family […]

      My children used to always want to know what was for supper.   They would come in from school with that question on their minds and wouldn’t  rest until they had an answer.  Unfortunately, sometimes at 3:30 in the afternoon, I […]

   The most recent season of the hit reality show, Survivor ended recently.  Boston Rob finally won the million dollars and title of sole survivor.  Although I was happy to see Rob win, there was something even more exciting going […]

     As I drove in my driveway this morning, I saw three squirrels chasing each other and making lots of chattering noises.  Two of the squirrels were ganging up on the other.  They were biting at him and pulling fur […]

      A few weeks ago a young man from Blissfield, MI was suspended from school for the rest of the year.  His crime; he had forgotten to take a pocketknife out of his backpack after a recent camping trip.  He […]

     It all started with American Idol several years ago.  Now we have all kinds a live competitions on TV; America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance?, Live to Dance and The Voice.  I wonder what next year […]

     I heard on the news a few weeks ago that a woman in a small town in Texas had started a group called Pole Fitness for Jesus.  The idea is to use pole dancing as a form worship and […]

     I have never understood the logic behind Daylight Savings Time.  Most of our nation uses it.  We all set our clocks and watches forward one hour in the spring and backwards one hour in the fall.  I do understand […]