My favorite holiday, even as a child and young person, was Thanksgiving.  It is a time for sharing love with family and friends.  There are no gifts.  However, to quote a good friend, “It’s all about the food.”

Nevertheless, as I grow older and the years of my widowhood increase, I’m often reminded that many people face Thanksgiving Day with little prospect of happiness.  Families shatter; relationships crumble; careers vanish’ drug and alcohol addiction grips more tightly.

Even one of these circumstances can overwhelm us during the holiday season.  Couple several together and it becomes a recipe for deep depression and disaster.

Most of us realize that happiness and joy are two different emotions.  Happiness depends on outward circumstances.  Joy is a result of inner peace.  Happiness is transient, fragile and temportary.  Joy is permanent, strong and ever present.  A teacher once described joy as a little bird in the middle of our belly that is always singing praise and songs of thansgiving.

As I wish you a wonderful holiday season, I’m praying that the Lord will give you His everlasting joy.  Your simple prayer asking for the peace and joy of the Lord in your life is the first step to know that God is love and He desires what is best in your life.

Have a joy-filled holiday season.

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