Last May I was working when I made a mistake.  While I understood that I was to blame, my first reaction was to fix blame in other places.  As I look back on my reaction, I realize it was unrealistic for me to revert into defensive mode, rather than a repentant mode.

I know that I’m in need of change.  Yet when my need to change is exposed, everything in me revolts and cries, “Unfair!  You need to hear my side of the issue.”

Repentance is at the heart of our relationship with the Lord.  If we are a part of the family of God, we understand that simple principle.  Repentance means turning from an action and going in the opposite direction.  It is our willingness to make alterations and God’s willingness to release His transformation power to actually make change a reality.  These two principles work in concert to achieve what we cannot accomplish on our own–much needed change.

In prayer, I forced myself to face and desire change that would not allow this mistake to happen again.  In humility, I turned to my Father God to do the work that I cannot do on my own.  Will there be a difference?  Yes.  God is faithful in the middle of my drama, failure and inability.

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