As a child I could not memorize.  I could learn, of course, but anything that had to be memorized word-for-word was a loss for me.  For years I wanted to learn the names of the disciples but I felt it was too hard.  Then one day I decided that I was going to do it.  I worked out a system that seemed easy.  Even though, my brother tells me that I can make even the simpliest things difficult, this system works for me.  Perhaps it will help you also.

I began with the first book of the New Testament:  Matthew

From the word, Matthew, I created an acrostic of the names of three disciples that are often over looked and are the hardest for me to remember.  Using the first four letters of Matthew’s name, I learned the first four disciples:

1.  Matthew

2.  Andrew

3.  Thaddeus

4.  Thomas

Then I listed all the “J” names because they were the easiest to recall.  I arrange them in alphabetical order:

5.  James (the brother of Jesus)

6.  James the Lesser

7.  John

8.  Judas

There are two Simons:

9.  Simon the Zealot

10. Simon Peter

That only leaves two disciples:

11. Bartholemew

12. Philip

Even if this system doesn’t seem to be easy for you , my method might jar your brain into figuring out a method that works for you.  Using this system, I was able to teach my class of adults who are mentally challenged all the names of the disciples in about three weeks.  Of course, you will have to review them pretty often to keep the name sealed in your brain.  Yet with this method, you will have several memory hooks to hang the names in your brain.  Happy memorizing!

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