As this virus goes on I find I slip into a sort of malaise. Malaise as defined by my dictionary means, “A condition of general boils weakness or discomfort often marking the onset of a disease; a vague feeling of discomfort or unease; an unhealthy or disordered condition.” However you define it, I feel I have it. This shutdown has gone on so long. And my governor is going to make us be one of the last to open up!

But he”s the same governor that said you can have an abortion during delivery! Yes. That’s right – the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia!

I don’t want to get sidetracked…back to the malaise I feel.

It would be so easy for me to fall into watching the television, snacking, napping…not to say I haven’t done some of that…but I have wanted to make good use of this time. Some pole have been quite clever. And some have cleaned out their closets, drawers, done a thorough Spring cleaning…

Not me. (In all fairness, I am writing a new book – on loneliness of all subjects. How appropriate!) But I have had such a hard time getting the “get up and go” because there is nowhere to go! I do walk or exercise each day.

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