Are evangelicals in danger of losing their voice? Are we willing to stoop to be a political group? Our mission is to preach the Gospel – until all hear. Why do we think it is important to cozy up to power? It think it should make us afraid that we are losing our voice – our prophetic voice.

When we laud one candidate of whichever party, are we then shutting the ears of the other candidate in the opposite party? I fear so. And we loose the opportunity to speak the Gospel into a needy heart and life.

I believe our president has stood up for righteous policies and causes – the sanctity of life and the nation of Israel being two. I am grateful to him for that.

Yes, we speak against evil and unrighteousness. I understand that. And there is plenty of unrighteousness to go around in our nation these days. The evilness of abortion needs a loud voice. The evilness of the destruction of Israel needs strong condemnation.

We live in a time of anger, division and rancor. What is the Evangelical’s role in that cultural climate? What is my role?

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